Answering the Big Question in my life

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Ajay Ramanujam
·Sep 25, 2021·

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I continue to document my thoughts and feelings here on my blog. I recently started writing here to capture my journey with data, and the journey is quickly evolving to be more than just data, necessitating my writing here.

This writing here is me merely exercising my thinking and quite loudly at that too, painting a rather detailed and quite necessarily exposed picture. But I find that it is necessary to organize and write down your thoughts for your own benefit and for the benefit of those who may be going through the same questions, or thought processes.

The question that has haunted me for the past few years has been this: What would be the one thing you could really commit your life to? I really didn't have an answer to that before, and I am pretty sure that my views on the matter are still actively evolving.

Life as accident-prone as it is and unusually sensitive to the tiniest of my decisions has led me to this very point in my life. Answering my question would not make me any more immune than I already was to the thousand interconnected threads we also call life. However, it would give me a sense of direction and the satisfaction that I, though mortal will continue have a positive effect on the future of the species.

That being said, what is my answer to my question, what would be the one thing I could really commit my life to without any regrets, and that which I can wholeheartedly know would be the best use of my life?

The answer would vary with different people as influenced by their own unique life histories as for me, I can confidently say, it is in modelling and efficiently maximizing productivity and guaranteeing the continued stability and growth of our organizations, communities, and our species.

This could mean playing roles in different organizations in different regions across varying time spans - utilizing critical & creative thinking, math & data skills, people and project management skills along with sheer grit and the continued churning of purpose as we work with the structures in place.

This is something I can commit myself to - to push the species forward by continually pushing myself beyond my limits and testing the extent of my abilities, and not forgetting to enjoy the moment we got right now.

Push the species forward

What we do matters. We may not feel like it, however we can always find a way to push the limits of present processes, technologies and make our work count.

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